dear little bean,

only nine more weeks left!

it’s getting hot out and so i’m scrambling for breezy clothes to fit in and still be able to be comfortable. i think some shopping is in order as this is one of the few skirts i have that, well, gives me some breathing room.

so much is going on this week! today i took my last final of the semester (sigh of relief). i haven’t really allowed myself anytime at home to prepare for you since i’ve needed to study and focus on learning. but now that that’s all out of the way, Operation Nesting is in full effect.
since all that craziness is over, it’s on to the bedroom. and then painting the living room. and then hanging up some art. and steam cleaning the sofa and the rugs. and hemming the curtains. organizing the storage room. washing all your clothes and blankets. making sure the birth kit is absolutely ready for me and the midwives. then, i don’t know, i’ll think of something.
and this week we we get visitors! erica, brian, chicky, and finn are coming for a quick visit. followed up by a long weekend w nona (my mama). she’s coming into town to help me prepare your changing table, make a diaper changing pad, have a spa day (eyelash tinting, massage, facial, pedicure), attend a baby shower for you, search for your first outfit and eat lots of good food. you can thank her for how much you’ll be spoiled. she’s the one that taught me how it’s done (your mama is one spoiled lady).
today we had our first birthing class. it’s taught by our midwife and based on the book birthing from within, by pam england. there were two other couples in the class and it was so nice to be around other pregnant people who are also having their little beans at home. papa and i learned a little bit of what to expect (except it comes down to you can’t really expect anything to go the way you expect it to) and things he can do for me to help ease me through the intensity of delivering you. i have the best birth partner ever.
told you we are busy!
a girl in the class introduced us to the old-fashioned gender-revealer of dangling a gold necklace over the belly. if it moves back-and-forth, you’re a boy. if it moves in a circle, you’re a girl. it moved back-and-forth. we’ll see!
i love you no matter what.

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