my parents sent me a usb port filled with fun goodies from a while ago (remember i mentioned my external went kaput about a year ago).

it’s been perfect timing for me to go through these photos and to be reminded of all the fun jp and i had falling in love, getting married, and being newlyweds. as i’ve mentioned before, i’m a little nervous about the changes that will occur with the addition of little bean. jp is my best friend and now my time will be so divided between him –my absolute favorite person in the world– and my amazing little jumping bean –who, i can only imagine, i will love with automatic, fiery passion.
i’m certain that all the fun jp and i have together will be even more fun with this bundle to share it with. we’re already so proud of and in love with little bean. but sometimes, when i’m taking a leisurely nap, or staying up late to wait up for jp, or putzing on blogs, or reading a book, or running around doing whatever the hell i want to do, i am reminded, by the dance party going on in my belly, that my time will not always be my time. and my time with jp will not always be our time. and i’m mostly ok with that. so i just remind myself to cherish these last solo moments with jp a little more. and to sleep in. and to nap whenever i darn well please. and to always wait up for him.

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  1. The Maiden Metallurgist says:

    I want to share my (limited) experience; I had the same fears, that we wouldn't have time for each other, that somehow our love for each other might be displaced by our love for Hen…

    But it has brought us even closer. In the first weeks, we were like soldiers going through battle together. Taking care of our son together has made me see my husband in a whole new way, and I love him even more than I did before, I didn't think that was possible.

    Regarding changes to our lifestyle; yes, everything is different, but we had room in our lives for a baby, and from the get go we just folded him in. Everything is different, and there is a new normal, but only 5 weeks in I can't remember our lives before him, and I can' imagine our lives without him.

    I'm so, so excited for you.

  2. A. Attaway says:

    I am too.
    And I love that picture of us: I've never seen it.
    Love you.

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