my little bean,

you sure are making mama big! i’ve gained 30 lbs! and the midwife says i still have about 10 more to go. don’t worry, i don’t mind, but i definitely have had to get use to all the extra weight you’re giving me. tomorrow i am going to go buy some “old lady” shoes to give me some more support during my walking around at work.
other changes are happening too. on my tummy, a linea nigra has formed. it divides my belly–your ocean–into eastern and western hemispheres. it is unexpected but i rather like it. i’ll spare you (and your admirers) details of other bodily changes. they’re silly and normal and hormonal and makes me more in awe of the crazy way God set up our bodies to handle such an enormous change.
you hiccup. at night or when i’m having spicy food or allowed myself some sugar or after i sit down after walking around a lot. it’s really cute and feels like a little spasm in my lower belly. it’s mostly to my left side since that is where you’re head is: you’re laying head-down and run diagonally from my lower left to my upper right quadrant. under my right breast is where i feel most of your kicks and flutters. though sometimes i feel your little hands and elbows making waves below my belly button.
in anatomy class, of all places, i first saw the actual waves you make: visible rolling on the outside of my tummy and through my shirt. it’s so funny and makes me laugh out loud every time i see it. little twists and twirls popping up and turning over.
i love you, little bean. and i’m getting more and more excited to meet you.

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