jp has yet to try it –and he’s a bit hesitant to– but my sardines and pasta dish is SO good. i wanted to try incorporating sardines, and other like fish, into my diet to make sure to get the omega fatty acids little bean needs. i found this idea when i googled “sardines, pasta, onions, garlic” (as those are the only things we had in our pantry).

make your pasta (in this case i had some penne already cooked).

while you’re waiting for the water to boil or for the pasta to cook, heat up a saute pan. add some olive oil and heat that up.
dice up some onions, mince some garlic (i do at least two cloves for one serving but you might not like your dish as garlicky as i do) and roughly chop up two sardines (more if you’d like).
first, saute the onions. then when they’re starting to get shiny add the garlic. mix it around and let it cook for a little bit and then add the sardines. stir this all around for about 5 minutes — just enough to get the sardines heated up.
in the bottom of a bowl add a handful of arugula. place serving of penne on top. place the sardine mixture on top of all of this. salt to taste (believe it or not, even with the sardines you may want some salt and maybe a drizzle of olive oil). voila. dinner’s ready.

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