little bean,

it’s been a while since mama’s gotten her act together and taken a photo of you in her belly. i blame it on midterm exams and lounging about in florida and minnesota. aaah, the life.
you are still moving a ton. and now you are undeniably in there! strangers, everywhere i go, ask questions like when you are going to arrive, what gender you are, what names we have picked out. i find it flattering, actually, bc i too am curious about these things and SO EXCITED TO MEET YOU. you’re about the size of a spaghetti squash according so one website. and i feel like i have a little bean squash in there!
i took you to minnesota to visit nona and pops and auntie erica and uncle sticks. chicky, your cousin, loved to pat my belly and tell me how you are going to “pop out in july.” she did keep asking what color you are and i wished i could hold my belly up to light, like an egg, and peer inside. i’m sure you’re pink and slimy and peach-fuzz. i can’t wait to feel that on my skin.
all of the women, including chicky boom boom, are convinced you are a little bean boy. besides that people keep telling me that, i have no inkling either way. papa and i will be happy no matter what you are!
so after minnesota, pops and i took a road trip (i’m sure he’ll take you on some. he’s the best road trip companion [after your papa, of course]) back to our home in denver. he’s been helping us around the homestead with projects to get ready for your arrival. our light switches, electrical sockets, smoke/co2 detectors and closet are SO ready for you. and we like the way they look too.
we took a break from house stuff to go hike sanitas in boulder. mama isn’t used to moving with 20 extra pounds on her! but you were a trooper, just riding along quietly. and we made it to the top after some huffing and puffing. next time we do that hike you’ll be in the boba carrier on papa and you’ll get to see the awesome view too.
ok. papa got a new (to us) waffle maker (it was your great-great grandma’s! 75 years old and still works. they sure don’t make things the way they used to) so he’s making pops and i waffles before pops hits the road back to minnesota.
we love you little bean. we can’t wait for waffle mornings and colorado hikes with you.

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  1. Marcie says:

    love the pictures – the two of you look content.

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