some big things are happening in our life right now and the lyrics of this song, by Ivan & Alyosha, perfectly encapsulate these changes.

Living for Someone
by Ivan & Alyosha

The world is breaking down
But we are marching forward
My friends are breaking ground
And loving one another
We were not living for ourselves
But we were living for someone else

I might just quit my job
And sell my fine possessions
Expecting our first child
Amid the Great Recession
We count less than you it’s true
It was the spirit of the age
Ain’t it funny how nothing really ever changes

Now draw the line between
What you want and what you need
Now tell me what you see
Turn your blessings into what it couldn’t be
You were not living for yourself
But you were living for something else

And so you limit your own mind
You never were the dreamin’ kind
Cause someone told you ‘No’ when you were young
You never find the things you want

lyrics found via a google search that led JP here.

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