this week’s contributor is hannah from heart to heart. hannah is a fellow denver blogger and we met via another mutual friend who also is a denver blogger (man i love all these connections!). hannah’s blog is beautifully and genuinely written: a mixture of recaps of what her and her hubby have been up to (happy one year anniversary!), thoughtful musings on larger issues in life (faith, love, community), anecdotes, and personal goals. there’s a little bit of everything and she’s not afraid to speak honestly and i love it. today she gives some insider’s info on what has helped make south broadway, in the baker neighborhood of denver, her home. enjoy!

A Denver Home Companion | heart to heart

I walk out the door and down the street. As I walk, I pass a hipster strolling along with his dog and a girl pedaling down the road on her cruiser. A few homeless men are hanging out outside Badger’s Pub while the aroma of Famous Pizza lingers in the street air. The shops that line the streets of Broadway boast vintage furniture, thrift store treasures, used bookstores, boutique shoes and accessories, and everything in between. If you walk through the neighborhood behind the busy thoroughfare, the eccentric trim colors on the historic homes definitely get your attention and line the skies with every shade of the rainbow.

For this and a million other reasons, I love my neighborhood. Baker and South Broadway, you have my heart.

With its hipster reputation, you may think it’s pretentious or assuming; however, what I’ve come to love about my neighborhood is that everyone has a place here. Whether you’re a hipster or Hispanic, gay or straight, young or old, rich or poor, you will be represented and hopefully celebrated somewhere along the streets of Broadway.

If you happen to find yourself in the neighborhood soon, there are just a couple things you must do…

A Denver Home Companion | heart to heart

Stop off for a coffee and homemade pop tart at Sugar Bake Shop, making sure to write a love note or poem on their type writer before you head out the door.

Next, if you’re the beer loving type, go to TRVE (the local heavy metal brewery) and try their prehistoric dog- a salty wheat beer that is both delicious and surprising.

The Mayan is a great place to catch a flick if you’re in the mood. Built in the 1930’s and boasting some beautiful, ornate architecture, this is the place to watch that indie film other theaters may not show.

A Denver Home Companion | heart to heart

In search of beautiful fabrics? Looking to be inspired? Want to try your hand at sewing lessons? Need some handmade threads? Well, then you must check out Fancy Tiger Crafts and Clothing. Everything about this place screams inspiration.

Broadway would not be Broadway without Sweet Action Ice Cream. You should start with a sample of their famous Stranahan’s whiskey brickle and if you’re feeling really adventurous, try one of their less traditional flavors: kettle corn, nerds, or white Russian (just to name a few).  The flavors are always changing so there will definitely be something new and awesome to try every time you go.

Next, there is Decade, the cutest boutique in all of Denver. Whether you’re looking for locally made jewelry, or vintage furniture, or the perfect gift for the woman or man who has everything, or unique home décor, or a new outfit for baby, this place has it all. Your bank account may take a blow after visiting, but I guarantee you will leave with a smile on your face and an arm full of treasures.

A Denver Home Companion | heart to heart

Now this is only part of all the wonderful things to do and see in my neighborhood, but really, most neighborhoods in most big cities have great coffee shops, and restaurants, and boutiques. All over Denver, there are wonderful neighborhoods that people love, so I guess what makes Broadway and Baker unique is the pride we feel to live here.

A neighborhood is made by the people who live in it, and the people who live in it are made by the neighborhood.

I have changed since living here. I see things differently. I see beauty in the alleys and the restaurants, in the diversity of the people who walk the streets, the graffiti and the artwork. All of it works together to create a place that I feel proud to call my home.

So even if you never visit (although I think you should) and even if you live on the other side of the country or the other side of the world, I hope wherever you are, whatever neighborhood you may find yourself in, that you feel at home, in love, and constantly overcome with goodness to celebrate.

A Denver Home Companion | heart to heart

Cheers, Hannah.

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thanks, hannah! i don’t get down to south broadway a lot, so this little walking tour is quite helpful and interesting. thanks, also, for including your thoughts on home. it was inspiring to read.

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