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we’ve been wearing ramona in our Boba Carrier 4G since she was a wee one. it’s been jp’s go-to since the beginning and since ramona has gotten bigger and wants to be in and out more when i’m wearing her, it’s been the one i’ve gone to more and more as well. it’s also great for carrying her on hikes with us. so i was stoked when Boba offered to send me their BobaAir, a lighter, more compact version of their traditional boba Baby Carrier. this was perfect timing as our air travels to minnesota for thanksgiving would be the perfect time to try it out.

the BobaAir is different from the Boba 4G in that it is all nylon, completely lightweight (the 4G is lightweight too so i don’t know how they managed that!), and folds into itself into a zippered pouch that can easily be stashed in one’s bag or purse. traveling with ramona happens a lot and i’ve never been one to lug a stroller around. so finding a carrier that not only allows me to toss her up on my back so i can have hands free when needed (boarding!) but also is easy to carry along when i’m not using it (we aim to pack light light light) is a big plus.

we loved it. we traveled with just my purse and her little backpack, and when i needed her to stick close i just superman tossed her up on my back and we were off! when we had boarded the plane, i took her down, zipped up the boba, and chucked it in my purse (which still fit nicely under my seat).

i will say the 4G is still better for longer term carries (hikes and such) as it feels like there is more support there for the larger child. but sacrificing that for the ease of a small carrier that didn’t take up all my personal purse space was well worth it on shorter trips around the airport, boarding, and baggage claim.

items of note:

  • ramona’s arms in the boba look really weird and are how she likes them. i swear. she sticks them down and wiggles them around and even when we try to adjust them she tucks them in again. other children do better with their hands out of the carrier. that’s ok too!
  • forgive the photos. like i said we travel light, which means no big fancy camera was taken and so these were taken on my phone by jp at a time when ramona was going bonkers (um, naptime in an airport is impossible). 
  • coloradans: isn’t it awesome that boba is a boulder-based company?! support local as much as possible!
  • this post is not a sponsored post. boba did offer me a free carrier in exchange for my opinion, which is here and is completely my own.