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a sunday hike at sanitas in boulder. i carried mo on my back in the boba, which found to be a challenging and humbling effort. but i did it! there really are so many beautiful places to explore in the denver and boulder area. jp and i aren’t huge campers, and certainly not mountaineers. but we do enjoy a day hike here and there and have fun trying different trails in the area. coloradans: what’s your favorite local day hike? 

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9 Responses to SANITAS

  1. Anything around Golden. beautiful. I miss it.

  2. Hails says:

    Have you done the Incline in Manitou Springs? It’s intense and awesome!

  3. Elaine Ellis says:

    I am blown away that you can hike Sanitas with a baby on your back. You should be impressed with yourself.

  4. […] after our hunger-inducing sunday hike at sanitas, we decided to try SALT. we found a quiet corner table looking out on pearl street and settled […]

  5. kezzie says:

    you’re awesome! i’m usually breathing obnoxiously loud without carrying anything so its always up to haj to get rain up the trail.

    i’ve heard good things about the boba. i have an ergo. they seem similar. is there a reason you chose the boba?

    • i don’t think there’s much difference between ergo and boba. i chose boba bc it’s a company based in boulder, co… so i wanted to support local. and i have been so pleased with it! though i did find an ergo at a thrift store and sent it to my friend and she swears by it!

  6. Erica says:

    We loved Chief Mountain! Pretty manageable trail carrying a baby and then a great view. Also, Nederland has some good trails with good views at the top. Incline in Manitou is crazy intense. Let me know if you try any!

  7. Batya says:

    Hi Emily, Hiking with kids is the best, even if it can be challenging on your back. I just did a post on Castlewood Canyon– which is GORGEOUS. Just as beautiful, is Eldorado Canyon (I think the trail name is Fowler). Both areas have rivers too, so it’s perfect for this kind of weather, picnicking (and hot feet 🙂 We got a state park pass ($70 for the year)and have been using it like crazy. I’d also recommend St. Mary’s Glacier, which is not too far from Idaho Springs. It’s challenging, but worth it. Happy trails! (And on an unrelated note, I love your idea of contribution posts. Raising Sylvia was a wonderful read and very inspiring.)

  8. […] wearing her, it’s been the one i’ve gone to more and more as well. it’s also great for carrying her on hikes with us. so i was stoked when boba offered to send me their boba air, a lighter, more compact […]

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