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for someone who’s hated brunch in the past (at least working it: the dynamic of diners is completely different than dinner service. these sleepy, hungry, grumpy people want their food NOW!), we sure have been going out to brunch as a family a lot. it’s a nice start to our weekend. we don’t have to cook, our kitchen doesn’t have to get messy, and we get to do some R&D by trying out great new places popping up in the denver/boulder food scene (the universal, linger, sassafras are our recent favorites).

so after our hunger-inducing sunday hike at sanitas, we decided to try SALT. we found a quiet corner table looking out on pearl street and settled in. pictured above are the margarita special (it was cinco de mayo, after all), chilaquiles, odell’s ipa, and the tom’s tavern burger that jp and i ordered. everything was scrumptious! ramona got the kids’ mac and cheese, which we may or may not have helped her eat bc it was so so good. we finished up w doughnuts, which i can confidently speak for ramona when i say they were her favorite. (btw: someone in denver or boulder NEEDS to open up a decent doughnut shop. pretty please!)

not to mention, the service was fantastic. the young lady knew her food, treated us warmly, and engaged sweetly w ramona. what a great spot this is!

looking to dine in boulder? my suggestions for dinner spots are: basta (our personal favorite), oak at fourteenthpizzaria locale, the kitchen (all of them), frasca (if you’ve got the moola). we look forward to going back and trying SALT for dinner. what other spots must we try?

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  2. You make me so homesick every day.

  3. Hannah says:

    I love the idea of driving to Boulder for lunch. Lately we have been hitting up (and loving) the brunch at Beast + Bottle. Wonderful photos. xo

  4. endelaney says:

    This sounds absolutely divine!! We have only one good locally owned restaurant in Casper. It is Thai and we love it but slim pickin’s leave keep us at home for dinner and then we splurge when we come to Denver:)

  5. kezzie says:

    i hear you about the doughnuts. we lived in walking distance to one in LA (it was healthier to just stay home than take a walk). i’ve been wishing for a doughnut shop since we moved to kona but this town is lacking a lot when it comes to food.
    beautiful photos…did you start using a 50mm?!

  6. Alli says:

    We love brunch, just wish there were a few more choices in our little town. It does make brunch when we are away such a treat though!

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