here i am at five weeks looking quite like a geek w not-so-good posture. five weeks pregnant is not much–really you’re 3 weeks pregnant and there aren’t many visible changes going on that you can see or feel (that didn’t come until the next week. thanks morning sickness).

at week 12 and 2 days we decided to announce our pregnancy. here’s a photo from the day after. as you can see, two months after my last photo i look, well, a bit chubby. it’s nice to have people know i’m preggers so we can share the excitement with others and (sometimes more importantly) there’s a legitimate excuse for the weight gain happening in my belly area.
it was week 11 that my jeans started feeling tight. and now i’ve taken to wearing some belly bands to extend the life of my shirts, which will soon be too small to cover my growing tummy. erica, my sister-in-law, graciously gave me a box filled with maternity clothes. i’ll be putting them to use sooner than i thought i would need to be. but this is also good bc i’m excited to be showing! and i’m really excited about what’s going on inside me.
today the baby is about the size of a nectarine. little bean is about 3″ tall and weighs anywhere from .75 to 1.25 ounces. morning sickness, which i was wracked with from 6 weeks until about 10 weeks, is still around but subsiding more and more. i don’t sleep as much as i was during those times but a nap during the day is still greatly appreciated.
and the dreams! holy crap the vivid WEIRD dreams i have been having! some too embarrassing to recall publicly but others just weird (like meeting a girl who could turn from herself to a horse and back again). and then there was the time i woke up angry at jonathan bc i dreamt he tipped the donut girl $10 bc “she was cute” (c’mon guys, he winked at her as we left the shop!). and then i did dream i gave birth to a girl. though the chinese gender prediction chart says we’re having a boy and we know how certain those things are.
any guesses on what gender it’s going to be??
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