this past weekend we celebrated my friend nicole’s birthday with a surprise ladies brunch at root down.  in honor of her amazing party-making skills, i put together these succulent table favors for each of the ladies. i know there’s no way she would leave a table bare so i wanted to do as best i could to return the favor.

INSTRUCTIONS: the succulents are from paulino gardens. i wrapped the small plastic pots with fancy paper i’d gotten from paper source (cut out a square of paper that’s just big enough to fold up and cover each side. moving in one direction fold and double-side tapes each side like you fold the ends of gift-wrapped packages). twine was wrapped around the pots and tied with a bow. then taking bbq skewers (they’re long so i only needed a quarter of a stick) i folded washi tape evenly over one end (so the sticky sides meet) and cut a V out of the end to make a flag. on each flag i wrote silly exclamations (yowza! rock on! party! woohoo! hooray!).

voila. table favors.

CARE: place in bright but not direct sunlight. in warmer weather, water at least once a week after you have ensured there is good drainage. in colder weather, allow soil to dry out between waterings.


2 Responses to succulent surprise

  1. suejean says:

    they were the perfect touch! thank you so much, i had such a blast this weekend.

  2. robin says:

    adorable, I may have to borrow this someday!

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