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dear little bug,

it’s been 16 weeks since you’ve been brewing! this pregnancy, little one, is in some ways so different than what i experienced with your big sister but also so so similar. you both knocked me on my butt for a solid eight weeks during the first trimester. you made me tired and exhausted and unable to eat my usual foods or go a day without dry heaving — a symptom of pregnancy that is your papa’s least favorite thing to deal with.

but miss ramona, your big sister, she keeps me busy. and does her darndest, consciously or otherwise, to keep me distracted from you. sometimes i forget i am pregnant, little bug. each day is go, go, go with ramona (you’ll soon discover). and so i must remember to take moments on the couch when i’m reading with miss mo, or during nap time, or lying still before bedtime, to spend some time with you, to feel you wiggle and flip inside me, to send good vibes your way with a gentle hand on my belly, and deliver fresh air to you via deep, meaningful breaths. you are a great excuse to seek mindfulness in the everyday.

it’s how it is: the second child not necessarily getting the documentation which could be afforded with the first one. but, sweet child, i was also the baby of the family, and so i intend to remember these moments with you in my belly, and then with you as a newborn, as vividly as i can. i want to be able to pass on sweet sweet memories to you.

16 weeks? we’re not even halfway there yet. but we’ve heard your heartbeat and i’ve felt you move. and my tummy is slowly but surely moving into the baby bump stage. right now, it’s debatable what’s baby and what’s just some extra padding i procured in between being pregnant with your sister and you. no matter. i’ll embrace it. i’m growing with you!

i love you, little bug. love, mama

|| wool cardigan: j.crew || maternity/nursing top: RoundBellies (thanks, mama!) ||  jeans: gap || shoes: frye ||

here is me at 16 weeks pregnant with miss ramona bean.

readers, what are your favorite pair of maternity jeans? here i’m wearing gap, but i bought them in a smaller size than i’m used to so they wouldn’t fall off my ass, but now i’m afraid it’s going to make my midsection suffer later. also, i bought a camera remote. here are some outtakes.

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  1. endelaney says:

    you are so adorable!

  2. Gabriela says:

    Wow! The top looks amazing on you!! So nice to see your pic and that you like it!
    Gabriela from Round Bellies

  3. Alexis says:

    Looking adorable! Congrats to you all.

  4. Batya says:

    You look wonderful (!!)…and that camera remote is such a terrific idea! I too has lots more documenting going on with Otis and my first pregnancy…but now I’m playing catch up and tend to over-shoot Theodore (the younger- they are 22 months apart). Enjoy it all and feel great!

  5. Erica says:

    Love the outtakes. More of those please.

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