my dear friend, jessica, told me once, when i was despairing of the rut i was in, that life is made of seasons. and that it is ok to grin-and-bear-it while something else is brewing for the future. i was planning a wedding at the time. and while i was thrilled about marrying jp, the love of my life, i was unimpressed with how i was spending my time making money and the lack of creativity in my life. after the wedding, i told myself, i would start challenging myself; i would start making more things and contributing more.

well, that time has now come. that time has been forced upon me. today i was let go from my uninspring but rather cushy job.

and after i had gotten used to the shock of losing the paycheck and the health insurance i am realizing that i now have more free time. free time to create, to bake, to read and to write, to learn, to plan for the next step. here i am, world!

so i came home with bags filled from my personal belongings from work and i moped in bed with the dog. then i went on an uplifting grocery and lunch date with the other emily and bought the succulent that you see above. this is my new-season plant that will last with me for all seasons.

tonight involves some wine with jp to celebrate this burden of complacency that has been lifted. i am pushed to action and to introspection: old friends i have not made a point of consulting for awhile.

here’s to new seasons and love. and hope. there is always hope.


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