i bought this pink raspberry teething pacifier in the hopes that i could trick ramona with it. lately, at night, she’s been wanting to suck. i can’t sleep when she’s just mindlessly sucking. there is a difference between sucking and nursing. and we’ve been trying to have her sleep a little more in her crib and hoped that by offering her a dummy nipple she just might take it. and suck on that. and last longer on her own in her crib. so i chose this one bc it seemed to most resemble what she’s used to. jp asked me whose nipples i was looking at recently and just whose nipples this pacifier was supposed to resemble.

turns out she still won’t take a pacifier. which is fine really, bc her sleeping success really just always ebbs and flows. and if it’s not one thing, it’s another. but she will always grab on to this pink raspberry nipple after a nap to carry around with her. she doesn’t suck on it. she gnaws on it. poor pacifier. i know the feeling.

on this particular day, she took it outside while jp got the grill ready for our dinner.


One Response to replacement nipple

  1. mld says:

    I love JPs response to you – just made me smile.

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