ramona turned one on sunday! we had a great backyard party (all done up by Hey! Party Collective) with lots of family and friends and hot dogs and macarons. thank you to all who celebrated with us and helped make this day amazing (including the people over at banners on the cheap who contributed the vinyl banner). i’m waiting on photos taken by my talented friends, luca and lashley. until then, i’ll leave you with this poem, which my mother used to accompany a photo of me nearly 26 years ago, in that same white smocked dress you see ramona wearing in the second set of photos.

It’s quiet now,
the cyclone passed,
destruction in its wake.
The room is filled with limp balloons
and smeared with chocolate cake.
As I survey the damage,
I feel strangely close to tears.
An era’s….passed.
A door has closed.
I can’t slow down the years.
I watch them now,
my giggling brood,
so earnestly at play.
And stoop to brush
the crumbs aside,
The baby’s one, today!

–author unknown


7 Responses to ramona turns one

  1. Kelly says:

    happy birthday Ramona!

  2. mld says:

    oh, to be loved as much as little Ramona!

  3. PJ says:

    Happy birthday to Ramons, and congratulations to you on making it through her first year! I can’t wait to see photos from the party. Levi’s birthday party is the weekend and I am SO not prepared for it!

    • emily says:

      thanks! i’m looking forward to what you do for little levi. good luck in the last days of planning… whatever you do the day will be special!

  4. PJ says:

    Ah! Stupid iPhone! Obviously meant Ramona, not Ramons!!

  5. melinda sue says:

    happy birthday sweet ramona. it goes so so fast.

  6. Happy birthday, Ramona! And happy birthing day, Mama. I’ve been busy and am just now catching up on posts — so happy to see these beautiful pics (your dress is FAB!) 🙂

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