the following outfit was short-lived:

cardigan: american apparel (thanks nona!)
striped shirt: thrifted zutano
black pants: thrifted
pink satin bow socks: trumpette lucy’s (via nona at pacifier. thank you!)

BLOW (wait for it)
(please notice empty wipes container [i actually went through two stashes]).

lunch at brasa, cortado and mast brothers chocolate at dogwood, hair styling at chicky’s, dinner w bree at crave, feeling of accomplishment on words with friends.

i also stopped by my old jr high to visit my very favorite, most influential teacher, mrs homans, whom i had in 5th and 6th grade. we chatted over coffee and all was affirmed as to why i keep going back to say hello and let her know how great she was in my young life.

melinda: my dad is thoroughly wonderful and thoughtful. his example of love is how i ended up with a man like jp — i knew i wouldn’t settle for anything less. i am having a beautiful time here and would stay for much longer if i didn’t miss my dear old bubs back home so so so much (or have a job that resumed on monday).


One Response to poopie pants — day six

  1. melinda sue says:

    while breastfeeding i was constantly told that babies may not poop for several days, because their body usses EVERYTHING that it ate. baby doesn't poop because baby doesn't need to poop it used every last drop of nutrition from my boob milk.

    however… i beleive they really just store 3-4 days worth of poop to release all at once. whoever said they use every drop and don't need to poop is full of crap (no pun intended).

    i would walk on egg shells afraid to leave the house after 3 days of no pooping, knowing that the moment i left 3 days worth of poop would come shooting out, covering anything within a 3 fot radius.

    god love diaper blowouts. good job mama!

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