flowered shirt/dress: thrifted baby gap
pantaloons: thrifted makie
mock turtleneck onesie: thrifted hanna andersson

facetime, nap time, dinner time, bed time.

oh, and in between nap time and dinner time was spa time: my dad had his massage therapist come to the house and give his ladies (me, erica, and my mama) the most healing massages we’ve ever received. thanks papa and joy!

kelsey: how fun we share the same tradition! the guys at my hubby’s coffee shop give me a hard time for drinking this frou-frou coffee but, like you said, there is just something wonderful and cozy about it.
melinda: i should have mentioned the swing! we don’t use it as much anymore but it is a perfect (and secure) place to set her down in while i rush around getting things done. and she seems to have learned how to soothe herself in there when she’s oh-so tired. she gives me just a couple of squawks and then usually finds her thumb and passes out. amazing! we got ours off craigslist for pennies.


One Response to indulge — day five

  1. melinda sue says:

    what a sweet dad you have!

    it looks like you are having a lovely time 🙂

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