after much squawking and anticipation, jonathan went out to the coop saturday morning to find this in the laying box:

i was one proud lady and tore through the house squealing with delight while trying to tug on my boots to run out and see it for myself. jackie o is the one responsible for this and she lays a beautiful–albeit a tad small–brown egg.

she had been acting a little funny recently: squatting down submissively if i moved my hand to pet her, squawking (and sometimes gobbling) a lot and very loudly, and isolating herself from the other ladies. she also didn’t seem to mind jonathan and i as much and took to exploring the backyard–presumably looking for a better option for her eggs than the laying box we’ve had up for a while.
we weighed the egg (thanks mama and papa!). a perfectly small one. and then slow poached them (by this time we had TWO eggs) for our brussel sprout and bacon salad (more on that later).
jackie’s eggs are a bit smaller and has a lighter hue than the grocery store eggs we buy. for now we keep them in the fridge w the other eggs. but once we start getting more–when the other hens decide to do their job–we’ll be keeping them in an egg crate in the pantry. no need to refrigerate them since they are so fresh!

One Response to our chickens work!

  1. Marcie says:

    So cool! What fun to be able to have your own eggs – wild!

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