my dear college friend, christian, who is exploring nashville after living in syria for a year, came to visit the sisters and jonathan and i (and grace, though a blizzard foiled our plans for camembert and scotch). we ate. we drank. we laughed a lot.
he settled in nicely w lady bird.

the stage is set. and complete w a bottle of laphroaig courtesy of christian.
’twas a nice cozy night for lounging and conversing on the couch.
jonathan started us out w homemade scallion and cream cheese wontons and a tomato and silken tofu salad garnished w some asian basil-y thing and a sesame oil dressing
things soon got cheery. and a little rowdy.
we were happy bc we were together and eating homemade pork belly kimchi.
whoa. we are full.
which means it is time to take out (bring in?) the chickens.
eleanor settles down when i give her some loving.
lady bird wonders why everyone is freaking out.
too. much. fun.
i did not drink nearly as much of this as the men. but it was peaty and yummy.
“just one more little one,” the men kept saying. until it was ALL gone.
love you, christian.

p.s. come back tomorrow (or soon thereafter) to see the process of making the kimchi.
p.p.s. my posts are way behind. expect to see news about thanksgiving sometime around christmas.


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