my ramona bean. today you are one month old! you certainly are growing into yourself and we see little glimpses every day of who you are. you’re getting bigger and your eyes are getting wider. you are, for the most part, pretty predictable, and that makes our life a little easier. of course, as every parent has told us, that could change next week. 
you are super active in the morning and again in the late evening. during the day you eat and sleep like a champ. you wake up, eat, hang out and play with mama for a little bit, and then get rocked to sleep with a walk in the wrap. then you sleep for two to three hours. then we do it all over again. 
at night, after a long feeding, you fall asleep in your swing around 10:00 or 11:00 and wake up three hours later to nurse again. it’s just a snack as you usually fall asleep after 7 to 10 minutes. then i put you in your moses basket by the side of the bed. then you wake up again later. last night it was FOUR HOURS LATER! we couldn’t believe it. but usually it’s two or three hours later. again, you snack and fall asleep. this third feeding is when you usually are a little noisy afterward: just squawking and grunting and general funny old man noises. you tend to fall asleep best on my chest at this juncture. sometimes we put in you in between papa and i. but you’re in bed with us. you wake up again two hours later and at this point mama is really exhausted so we stay in bed and do some side-lying feeding, which typically results in mama and baby falling asleep together again. after that? you wake up and are ready for the world. no more sleeping for mama or papa!
you have really cute little rolls on your arms and legs. and i swear you get a little pudgier and a little more roly poly each day. that’s really good! i’m very thankful for a healthy and big baby. i’m especially thankful that healthy baby is you, ramona.

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