i’m behind in some of my photos. things were quite hectic there for a bit. 
these photos are of the nights we took ramona out 48 and 72 hours after her birth. don’t ask me what we were thinking. my midwife already yelled at me. i will say that the first week after ramona was born i had a ton of energy and a lot of confidence and was sick of being cooped up. ramona latched right away (though when my milk came in is a different story) so i wasn’t stressed about feeding her. 
in hindsight, it was a silly thing to do, to take her out so soon. if not even for her, for my health. i had energy but in the first couple days after her birth i pushed it too much and spent the next week on house arrest getting my bearings back. also, it wasn’t the first week that was difficult having a newborn; she just slept all the time. it was the second and third week that rocked us: when she found her voice and her opinions and needed more than just sleep and food. she would cry for seemingly no reason at all and at any hour of the night or day. sheesh. that’s when i couldn’t even think about leaving the house if for no other reason than it was a feat for me to find time to shower and do my hair. 
thankfully, we all survived the too-early trips we took her on. and now we have the photos to look back on sheepishly and fondly.
 so tiny in the car seat!
 three year anniversary dinner. taken good care of by val at trattoria stella
 asleep in the booth at trattoria stella
 nightcap at root down
the next day: chipotle baby

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