these photos from my phone are from the past two weeks or so. as i’ve mentioned in recent posts, it’s been a busy summer! recovery, for me, has been unexpectedly hard. this past week, with denver’s 100+ degree days (five in a row!) i’ve been grumpy and sluggish. things haven’t been getting done like i am usually good about doing and day-to-day life has seemed a bit monotonous and, well, difficult. mama said there’d be days like this. now ramona is (finally) sleeping, i’m sipping on a vodka tonic, and i’m eager to hop in the shower and start fresh. the house has cooled down, the clouds are calming the fierce sun’s heat, and my dear friends are getting married today. there are many reasons to celebrate and to come out from this slump.


2 Responses to not-so-wordless week

  1. Erica says:

    I love her little ponytail and you are looking beautiful my dear!

  2. MEL says:

    So glad to hear you’re emerging from the hotter than hell summer blues. The clouds are indeed cooling things off a bit, but I sure wish they would bring some real rain with them. Have a great weekend!

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