after you’re done here, go read miles, papa and me. it’s a blog i’ve found recently that i absolutely adore. cora writes about her and her family (her hubby and little baby boy) in portland, or. they’re cute and hip and thrifty. cora is creative and writes candidly (not to mention, she is absolutely beautiful!).

a couple of weeks ago she hosted a giveaway for one of her necklaces she sells in her etsy shop. i had already snooped around her offerings and had fallen in love so i eagerly entered a comment for a chance to win. i was hoping and praying that this would be mine. i mean, there’s a difference between entering a giveaway just bc free stuff is nice and entering a giveaway bc you are seriously coveting the giveaway piece. i was coveting.

and can you believe it? i won! the gods at–or however she chose her lucky number–must certainly have been looking down on me with favor that day. it arrived in the mail soon after and i haven’t taken if off since. it is so amazing. take a look (“molded from an english sparrow skull, this solid metal pendant is made from melted bullet casings which are melted down to make recycled brass”):

excuse the myspace photo op. it’s really hard to take photos of yourself with an SLR in your outstretched hands without looking like a total narcissist..


2 Responses to midnight riders etsy shop

  1. Sher says:

    It’s beautiful! No wonder you’re so excited.

  2. Cora says:

    Hi!! Yaya, Thank you so much for posting this. I somehow am just seeing this now! Im so happy that you love your necklace. It looks beautiful on you. and not to mention all the kind words your said about my blog and shop. Thanks again for entering!


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