speaking of breastfeeding and baby-led weaning, leigh over at marvelous kiddo posted the following piece of art this morning and i had to pass it on:

antonio saura, who’s a new artist to me, and his unique depiction of breastfeeding in his work, maternidad. 

check out this section at marvelous kiddo for more artists’ renditions on breastfeeding. leigh posts at least one every week and i love the series. none has caught my eye quite like this one, though.


One Response to maternidad

  1. Don’t you just adore that series? I love Leigh’s blog. I emailed her once hoping she had found (and would share) a breastfeeding-themed work by Kathe Kollwitz and she said she’s been looking and looking but hasn’t found any. Saura is new to me, too!

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