in an effort to save money on a salon pedicure, i bought some new nail polish to do-it-myself at home. but you know what: it is really hard to give yourself a pedicure when you have a stomach the size of a basketball.

so i opted for just a manicure instead. i hate giving myself manicures. i am too impatient and nail polish ends up all over my skin and cuticles and i don’t let it set enough and so it always smudges.

this, though, was all before i discovered essie’s good to go, the rapid dry top coat that sets your nail color in seconds. no joke. there may be paint all over my skin and cuticles (as evidenced by the photo above) but there are NO smudges. it’s amazing.
essie has always been my favorite nail polish: it’s affordable, good quality, and has great classic and unique colors to choose from (this color is tart deco). i usually find my essie at target.
(essie did not pay me or give me more essie to write this. but i wish they did.)

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