inspired by a post on encouraging movement in small children, i decided to make felt balls for ramona. jp and i made them one evening after bean had been put to bed and we had some hulu to catch up on. they’re simple and cheap (i bought my wool at fancy tiger) and it’s been really fun to watch ramona explore the texture of the fabric ball. of course, i tried to rush through the process all the while telling jp that he had felted it enough. he wisely ignored me and continued rolling the wet ball in his hand, felting over and over and over while i had already started to clean up. his felt ball, the yellow one pictured below, is way better than the two i hastily made.

ramona can now roll over onto her belly consistently. she’s less and less frustrated when she gets there and now spends some time exploring what’s in front of her. or else she chews on her hands. either way: progress.


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