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the past four days ramona has not been herself. she has four teeth coming in and it has affected every bit of her. runny nose, weird poop, poor sleep. my little bean, who is usually rather charming and happy (she says so herself) is one cranky, pouty, whiney butt this week. i know she’ll come around — those red, soft, swollen gums show promise of new white teeth about to pop through. but until then it’s exhausting trying to maintain some sort of calm and care for her and for myself. though, the few peeks of smiles (or just smirks) i get from her are quite rewarding.

to deal with toddler teething, our family utilizes a couple of tools: a baltic amber teething necklace, alternating between infants’ acetaminophen and ibuprofen, hyland’s teething tablets, cold foods and drinks, lots of snuggles and nurses (every time she’s nearly done nursing she gets sick or starts to teeth and it’s all out the window), and letting her use her pacifier whenever she damn well pleases (on a normal day pacifier use is limited to only when she is napping or down for the night). this time around? with the canines? all of the above have proven to be absolutely worthless.


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12 Responses to DAYS LIKE THESE

  1. We are going through something here, wither some sickness, teething, or both. Poor guy had a 102 fever yesterday, it was time for us to break out the tylenol. For normal teetheing we like the teething tablets and some Rescue Remedy too.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Teething is tough business. It seems like a neverending cycle. For a couple weeks there is a happy babe and then for about one week there is not. And then it starts all over again for ALL those teeth! it makes me feel a bit helpless when my little one was is so uncomfortable and there was nothing I could do about it. I always say that when Sylas gets his last tooth we are throwing a party! I hope Ramona’s teeth poke up soon so you can both can back to good! xo.

  3. Teething is a bitch. Our poor baby is going through it again now. No sleep and plenty of wine ensues!

  4. Briana says:

    Even when she is a cranky baby, she’s adorable. Love her little diapered bum in jeans! So cute. Alice got 4 top teeth all at once and she was a hot mess for at least a week. Maybe I’ll try one of those amber necklaces for the next set.

  5. Poor girl! If it’s not one thing, it’s the next! You look beautiful, by the way!

  6. Alli says:

    Teething is just hard. Feeling for you guys. I’d forgotten about Hyland’s teething tablets. Not sure if we can get them in Australia, but I’ll have to find out.

    I found the amber necklace hasn’t really worked, unless it would have been much worse, without it?! But Lulu & Ramona sure do look cute in the necklaces.

  7. karolina says:

    ugghhhhh I am so with you on the teething/weaning/wine situation. It feels like P’s top molars took a month to come out and now the bottom ones are at the worst/most painful bit, I think. Whenever I feel like he is getting closer to weaning, bam, we are back to all night nursing marathons. My boobies are tired. Question: P has a serious sleep/nursing association, especially when he is teething, sick, etc. Is R like this? I mean, it is reeeeeallllly difficult to get him to go back to sleep in the night without even just 30 seconds of boob in mouth. Waaahhhh. Sending you lot’s of virtual hugs and tequila shots 🙂

    • when ramona was still mostly nursing (teething or not), yes, definitely it was hard to get her back to sleep without nursing and she wanted to nurse all night long. but quite honestly i never tried otherwise bc nursing her to sleep and to comfort her worked so well. but we decided to move her to her own room when the nursing through the night started to mess w my sleep bc, like you said, it wasn’t to eat anymore, it was becoming her pacifier. and while i want to create a comfortable environment for her and i’m happy to be nursing a toddler, poor sleep was just not working for me. we had to “kick her out” of our bed and put a stop to nighttime feedings.

      now that she sleeps through the night and sleeps in her own crib (and we lucked out as that transition for our family was surprisingly easy) it’s a little different. IF she wakes up during sleeping there’s almost no way i can get her to fall back asleep without nursing, teething or not. but her nighttime sleeps when teething (thank goodness) weren’t nearly as affected as her nap times. nap times last week were almost non-existent and she wanted to nurse all day long (she kept flinging herself on the couch demanding “Urse! Urse!”). This week, now that it seems the teething issues have subsided, she rarely asks for it except at her usual times (morning, before nap, before bed).

      hope that helps! i raise my glass of wine (or shot of tequila or whiskey, you call it) to you, strong mama!

      • karolina says:

        That’s interesting about her sleeping in her crib. Our crib has mostly collected dust these past 15 months. It is in our room and is barely used as when I’m putting P to sleep, we cuddle together, he nurses and (hopefully) passes out. The times that I have tried to move him to his crib, he has woken up and the cycle begin all over again. Did this happen with R? I am happy to continue nursing him as well. Just like you said, I am tired, and I think he is too. Thanks so much for responding. I have so little support (from friends) with bed sharing, extended nursing, not cio, etc that it means a lot to hear some thoughtful advice. :)Thanks for all your help!

  8. emily says:

    i was a nervous wreck about letting her sleep through the night. you can read about it on this blog post: http://www.adenverhomecompanion.com/never-wake-a-sleeping-baby/.

    i hope it’s somewhat encouraging to you (but of course i know all babies are not the same). let me know if you have any other thoughts or questions about this. we too used to nurse her to sleep (and would then go to bed shortly thereafter as a family). and i do miss sleeping with her. but now that i get better sleep (and she does too) our quality of time and energy is so much higher during the day.

    we’re all in this together, mama!

  9. Oh, I feel you!! My babe’s been teething for, literally, the past 3 weeks. 3 molars and 2 canines, and I’m wondering if another molar is about to pop as well. We do the same remedies as you, and it’s so true – sometimes nothing works. Nursing and carrying around in the backpack, that’s been our only hope! -Jaime

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