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Ramona got her first tooth when she was between six and seven months old. Up until then she had just been a drooly, gummy baby. The only thing I had to worry about is wiping her saliva-soaked chin and making sure her onesies were dry!

When that first tooth popped there was now a whole other act of care we were responsible for as parents. Brushing her teeth. Maybe it was because I was a first time parent but I had a little bit of anxiety about making sure I was doing it right. I mean, it was just a teeny little tooth! Did it really require toothpaste and a toothbrush? But then I learned that compared to my tooth enamel, my baby’s is 50% thinner. That’s why I need expert protection. A good toothpaste and toothbrush are necessary — as well as good follow-through with teaching her to get in the habit of brushing her teeth as she grew older.

She now has a full set of teeth and much more independent capabilities than she did when she was an infant. And brushing teeth is a given. We wanted to make sure that the daily habit of brushing teeth is not to be dreaded but that Ramona got used to it as a part of everyday life.

A Denver Home Companion | aquafresh

So to do this, first we started her young. As soon as there were teeth in her mouth we started with a soft small brush and made sure to get her teeth and lightly rub her gums. As she got older and more opinionated we had to become more creative. We’d often brush our teeth with her at the same time so she could mimic us. We made funny faces, stuck our tongue way out (brushing it of course!), and even made silly noises to make the event enjoyable for her and to demonstrate that her parents have to do it too.

Becoming more and more coordinated and independent, Ramona didn’t always want to follow our lead. So we moved her step stool to in front of our full-length mirror and let her watch herself brush. She had learned the basic “moves” from watching us, but now got a chance to see herself be successful in taking matters into her own hand (anyone with a willful toddler knows exactly what I’m talking about).

A Denver Home Companion | aquafresh

Voila! Now we have a little one who can brush on her own and even, dare I say it, enjoys it!

Other ways to encourage brushing?

  • Let your child pick out their very special toothbrush and toothpaste set. Ramona has two Aquafresh toothbrushes and it’s up to her each night to pick what color toothbrush she wants to use. It may seem silly to have two toothbrushes out for a little one but this one likes green one day and blue the next and I’ll do whatever to get her to brush her teeth!
  • Make sure they like the toothpaste they’re using. Taste matters! The Aquafresh Training Toothpaste we were sent to try is apple-banana flavored and Ramona loves it! It’s also fluoride-free so I don’t have to worry about her swallowing it.
  • Relax. Your child will learn to brush their teeth and understand the importance of it. It needs to be done but if they don’t get the hang of enjoying it right away, don’t force it too hard. Hand them the brush and see what they do on their own. You want to make this as positive as an experience as you can!
  • Aquafresh.com has more ideas with their app, including a learning-to-brush video and making-brushing-fun page. Aquafresh, The little mouth experts™!

A Denver Home Companion | aquafresh

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Kodak PixPro digital cameras gave me an Action Cam in exchange for making a one minute video for their Mom’s MVP Action Cam challenge. jp and i had so much fun following ramona around at the park and taping her getting her wiggles out. there’s a facebook competition of these videos. if you can, please go vote for ours. if i win, i get the chance to give away one of the action cams to one of you, one of my readers!

parklife with ramona from emily power on Vimeo.

[i was given a kodak pixpro action cam in exchange for a one minute video and an upcoming review on my blog. i received no other compensation for this item and all opinions stated here are my own.]


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A Denver Home Companion | native clutter A Denver Home Companion | native clutter A Denver Home Companion | native clutter

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i’m pleased to introduce you to tentiko, a new small business in denver and this month’s featured sponsor on A Denver Home Companion. tentiko strives to offers local and authentic experiences to those looking for real world interaction. they seek out and curate many unique things to do in denver, and then offer you the opportunity to participate!  it’s a local catalogue for fun things to do that help you get to know better the wonderful things about denver and the people in it.

A Denver Home Companion | tentiko

from coffee cupping to longs peak summit attempt. from mushroom foraging to farm and creamery tour w one of denver’s best chefs. there’s also neighborhood walking toursglassblowing workshops, and watercolor monotyping (i had to look that one up and it looks awesome!). there’s cupcake decorating at a local bakery. and journal making. i love that what tentiko does is put so many varied activities, focused on local craftsman/historians/personalities, in one place for the people of denver to access.

A Denver Home Companion | tentikoA Denver Home Companion | tentiko

the reason i’m so stoked on them? they created this company out of a love of community, a love of craft, and a love of the denver area. which is pretty much what i’m all about. here’s what they say about themselves:

Our goal is that our guests will fall in love with Denver by exploring it in new ways. They will learn more about something they care about or explore a new passion. They will meet amazing, passionate hosts and share the experience with old friends and meet new ones.

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falling in love, living in the big city, getting married, moving to a new town, finding jobs, buying a house, making it a home, having a child, taking risks, becoming entrepreneurs and small business owners, finding a place in a community, experiencing fulfillment while also trying to keep our selves together under crazy schedules and stress. that’s essentially life in a nutshell for jp and i from the beginning to this current moment.

it’s been fast and busy and demanding and rewarding and confusing and oh so lovely. and maybe you’re sick of me talking about how busy i am but let me know if you feel the same way: those days when you hit the ground running and don’t stop until just before you have to put yourself to bed and you can take a moment sit in your comfiest spot in your home with your favorite drink in hand and just pause to take a look around yourself and feel really good about all that’s getting done or that you’re wisely choosing not to do. those days that zoom by and are filled with life and cleaning up after babies and completed tasks and networking and community and dirty kitchens and playrooms. those days, with the promise of that quiet reflective moment in the evening, are what i live for right now.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.