it’s 15 degrees fahrenheit right now. says it feels like 2 degrees fahrenheit.
it sure doesn’t look like this outside.

can you even remember what it feels like to not be bundled up? to be able to walk outside without hats, scarves, coats and gloves? to be able to jump on your bike without first piling on the layers and the heavy socks and the face masks? looking at these photos of jp, otto and i –camping in northern illinois late this past summer– i can’t even remember the air on my skin not hurting.
it looks so… impossible.
(click on the photos for a complete image)

here is otto and i after an intense game of chasing.
you can see he avoided me by jumping into the creek.

here is jp preparing for dinner. we had a pitiful fire due to an insufficient stockpile of wood.
but our dinner of roasted veggie wienies and beans was DELISH.

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