we had our ups and downs but, overall, traveling with miss ramona bean is always such a treat. and seeing west coast family (who we haven’t seen in three years!) was so special.


2 Responses to weekend visit to oregon [photo dump]

  1. melinda sue says:

    okay little miss baby traveler… i would like to see a post about steps you take to make traveling with baby easier. a how to on traveling with a baby. we are getting ready to travel to san francisco with asher, and i am already getting nervous. (i am a nervous flyer anyway) i have a serious fear of being that person on the plane with a screaming baby.

    her jeggings, they had me from hello. i can not get over how adorable she is in all these. is that great grandma? you can just see the love flowing from her for you both.

  2. We have a very similar pic of our little goofball kissing my in-laws’ dog through their sliding glass door. Too, too cute.

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