dear little bean,

we expected you to be here by now! your due date was yesterday, 7/11, and mama was so sure that you were going to come early. i’ve accepted the fact that you could come a week from now (75% of first time moms go 8 to 10 days past their due date) but we sure are anxious to meet you!

we’re trying everything to encourage you to come out: acupressure, spicy pad thai, big huge meals followed up by dessert, yoga classes, daily long walks to happy, sex. so far nothing. where are you, little bean? i’ve said this before and it basically comes down to this: we cannot wait to meet you.

mama and papa

One Response to week 40

  1. Aubrey says:

    You look gorgeous Emily! This post brings tears to my eyes as I remember the final precious days I had with Selah in my belly. I am so excited for you and Jon to welcome little bean. Your are in my thoughts often. Please let me know if you need anything before or after that baby makes their appearance. And if you're in Boulder in the next few days, let me know!

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