my littlest bean,

we are getting so close! supposedly you’ve “dropped” and i can definitely feel that you are getting ready to come out. there’s lots of movements and you are pushing way down on my lower belly. i won’t be surprised if you come early but, of course, that could just be wishful thinking on my part.

the powerdriver clan started a pool as to when you’ll arrive and what you’ll be. i’m rooting for the people that guessed on the early side like the fourth of july. you would totally deserve those fireworks! i’m not such a big fan of the family member that guessed the 15th. that’s way too far away and i am not a patient person.

as i’ve written before, the house is in constant get-clean mode (or, rather, i am). now i’m making sure all my beauty items are in order: eyelashes tinted, hair cut and colored, pedicure complete. i’m also treating myself to a massage at a new spirit wellness center with nancy every ten days. even you seem to love that! who knows when i’ll be able to do these things again. i’ll be too busy pampering you!

my last hostessing shift was on sunday. now i just work a couple times a week doing office work for root down and linger. i take naps each day and am focusing on really protecting my health and energy for when you decide to come. eating healthy and staying rested and hydrated are more important than ever. though being active is good to encourage you to come out! papa and i take a walk to happy coffee (the second best coffee shop in denver) most mornings to get my blood moving. it’s just a 2 mile round trip but i tell ya, it poops me out!

papa also has a big transition happening! his last day as a salaried employee at root down was also sunday. he’s still going to be picking up 2 or 3 shifts a week but will be spending most of his time over at crema getting coop, his side of the establishment, off the ground. looks like we’re going to be having two babies born around the same time: you and the new restaurant!

i love the excitement and craziness you have already brought to our life. we are going to have such a heck of a time when you arrive!



One Response to week 38

  1. The Maiden Metallurgist says:

    That 2 week(ish) wait drove me crazy with anticipation. It was by far the most nerve wracking and exciting time of my life, like waiting for christmas but waaaay worse! And waaaaay better too 😉

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