dear little bean,

the countdown has begun! now, instead of counting up the number of weeks pregnant i am, we’ve begun to count down the weeks i have left with you inside me: ten. it is coming so fast and papa and i, every day, just kinda shake our heads at what we’ve gotten ourselves into and what we have to look forward to. i’ve said this before and i will say it over and over again: we cannot wait to meet you.
especially so since a lot of people around us have been meeting their babies for the first time. there’s josh from work who had a little girl, soren. and cliff, papa’s friend and business partner, had max. and our neighbors across the street gave birth to a little baby boy, cimarron. all within a week and half! you sure are going to have some play mates (mama too!).
you’ve done a number on my thighs. i mean, i’ve always been blessed with the driver-german-tree-trunk thighs. but you’ve one-upped it. too bad i’m not cycling like i used to bc these babies would sure come in handy on humphrey, my track bike.
also, i’ve been doing a lot of reminiscing; i’ve been going through old photos of your papa and i when we first fell in love and when we were newly weds. and i can’t help but notice the healthy plumpness in my face that you’ve given to me. it’s kinda cute. and overall, i still feel beautiful.
you’re getting a lot bigger in my belly and the space you have to move around in, once cavernous, is becoming smaller and smaller. papa and i are able to make out your little bum, usually poking up just outside my belly button. you like to stick it up in the air, we think. so we pat it lovingly. this is a good thing and we hope you stay with your bum to the anterior since this is an ideal position for you to be in when it comes to getting you out.
sometimes i can feel a heel push out, like you’re stretching. i’ve had to push it down once bc it was a little too much for me to handle. but you aren’t really a kicker. there have been no jabs to the ribs that i’ve heard other women talk about. you seem to like to push and yawn and stretch, slowly and leisurely. i hope your comfy in there. and please, stay head down.
i love you more than you’ll ever know, my little bean.

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