my little bean,
13 more weeks to go! today we had a meeting with the midwife and your heart rate is a steady 140 bpm. you’re just clipping away. she also showed us where your head is and put our hands so we could feel it. weird! so you aren’t just a little seamonkey in there, huh?
i love these visits with maren and jan as we talk about so many things besides just my numbers for the month (weight, blood pressure, fundal height). we talk about you and meeting you and what we need in our home to welcome you properly and how you feel when i eat a bowl of cap’n crunch. and they help walk us through important decisions like circumcision and what to do with the placenta and what papa can do to help me through labor. and then we also get to talk about tattoos and good food and legislation on midwifery in colorado. these ladies are really, really cool. good thing bc they’ll be some of the first people you meet 😉
last night, also, we got to have dinner with the garrett and aubrey in boulder who are two other really wonderful people in our life. unfortunately, we don’t get to see them each month like maren and jan but we’ll take what we can get. garrett and aubrey have a beautiful daughter, selah, who will be about one year older than you. aubrey is a really encouraging mother to watch. she is laid-back but so filled with love and care for her child. she was great to talk to about cloth diapering, car seats, baby registries, primal groans, breastfeeding and wine drinking, and learning to letting things go in motherhood. i couldn’t shut up with all my baby questions and she was so generous in all of her wisdom and advice. i’m thinking you and me and her and selah have some play-dates in our future.

i hope you enjoyed the homemade personal pizza i gave you last night!

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