dear little bean,

nesting is in full effect! when i came back from minnesota i brought with me a whole car-load of goodies from ikea and from the baby shower your auntie erica threw me. papa and i have been busy getting our bedroom for you. our little home is little and our timeline too tight to build you a nursery in what is now the tool-room of our basement. one day that will be your room but in the beginning of your life you’re gonna be bunking with us.
i brought the cradle that pops built me when i was born. you’ll sleep in that. since you’ll be right beside me, i can’t wait to rock you to sleep and easily pick you up in the middle of the night to cuddle and feed you.
we got a beautiful dresser from our dear friend, lara, and i’ve been filling its drawers with the cloth diapers and cozy clothes and soft blankets given to us at the minnesota baby shower. we’ll use the top as diaper-changing headquarters. when nona comes to visit in may, we’re going to refinish this dresser in a classy black with new hardware and fix some stubborn drawers.
papa is busy finishing the bathroom (alas, there have been some setbacks) and today he is constructing the garden beds for our vegetables. he is such a hard worker and i don’t know how he finds times for all his home projects as well as the time he puts in at work. (well, sometimes i can be a nag, but he would do all this without me annoying him.)
it’s all a labor of love, really. we love you so much and we haven’t even met you! i know how you feel in my tummy (like a sea monkey, if anyone asks) but who knows what God had in store when he designed you! we are more than happy to make room for you in our teeny tiny home.


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