there was supposed to be a photo of you sitting up but nona was too busy taking photos of you on her phone that she failed to remember to man her position as propper-upper. next week.

also, get a little bit bigger so you can fit into all the beautiful bloomers kelly, from work, handed down to you. when we discovered you were a girl your mama quickly discovered that means you get to wear all kinds and colors of bloomers with all sorts of ruffles on the tush. she has her priorities straight.

i’m glad you’ve found your voice and your hands. but these things do tend to keep you up a little later (or earlier). papa and i take turns seeing who will be the one that night to finally get you to sleep during your 2-4 hour wide-awake-in-the-middle-of-the-night-time. it’s usually papa. you get near me and all you can think about (or smell or something) are my milk-carrying ladies. and that distracts you, a lot of the time, from falling into snoozes. we’ll get it, you and i.

i love you.

p.s. at your two-week check-up you weighed a whopping 8lbs 12oz! now that’s what we like to see, big eater.

p.p.s. are you already flipping us off (second photo from bottom)?

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