let me tell you how wonderful it felt to cinch her up close to me the first time i plopped her in there. i was so nervous to even try to wear ramona, it took me about a week to take the sling out of the box. now, wearing her in the sling or in my newer wrap (thanks for the tip, andrea!), feels so natural and perfect. if she is fussy, wrapping her up tight is the only way to get her to conk out. it’s like magic. and i love feeling her little body pressed against mine and her little tiny chest go up and down and her little breaths and snorts. we were born for each other.

p.s. this sling is so not on perfectly. i’ve since been corrected and instructed on best practice by some very expert babywearing mamas.

p.p.s. (it’s a sakura bloom and i won it via marvelous kiddo).


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