as soon as ramona’s cord stump fell off it was time to get clean! papa was really excited to be the first to take her into the shower and, whaddya know! she LOVED it. i don’t know if it’s because she was born in the water or if babies just love showers (we haven’t tried giving her a bath yet) but this girl could be screaming her lungs out and, plop her in the shower and she is happy as a clam. she tries to lick the raindrops falling on her face and, when her back is to the shower head, she will push off to make sure her head is under the fall of the water. 
aren’t the two of them precious?

p.s. babies don’t get very dirty so they don’t need intensive cleaning. just make sure you get their folds (especially on the neck where all the milk drips!) and their diapered parts.
p.p.s. no need for fancy baby soap and shampoo. just use a soap on yourself that is gentle enough for them. we recommend dr. bronner’s. after the bath, we oil her up w an almond oil. any other carrier oil (grapeseed or olive oil) would be fine too.


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