i don’t care who or what gender your baby is. you put a white onesie on that little cuddle butt and he or she is just about the cutest thing around. forget those ruffles and polka dots and stripes and lace and patches and unnecessary hullabaloo. babies are cute no matter how they are dressed so maybe start considering simplifying their wardrobe. add a bow in the hair if you’re worried about gender differentiation. you will save a lot of money on clothes that are just going to get dirtied from introducing solids and crawling around on the belly, if you opt to go for a simple, white onesie most days.

my friend, tessa, knows this and shows this well with her little boy, august. max and ramona were recently caught doing the same. her and i are both of the stance that babies, if the weather is right, should just be crawling around naked anyway.


2 Responses to thrifty thursdays: white onesies

  1. melinda sue says:

    i always tell new moms to buy way more plain onesies than you think you need. if we were home, asher was wearing a onesie. if we were in public, chances are he was wearing a white onesie with a pair of overalls or cotton shorts over it. i had a closet full of clothes that he wore once, but his onesies were all worn to pieces.

  2. Natasha D. says:

    I agree! I love babies in white onesies and plan on using lots of them once our baby is born in July!

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