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her joy. her delight. her giggle and her belly laugh. that quick little moment when she goes from being fearful to having the time of her life. i LOVE that moment. this girl is just so much more than i could have planned or asked for.

it’s been just too hot to do much of anything. we’ve been taking it easy, spending time in water, and wishing for cooler days. rain would also be very nice for the forest fires down south. this photo, taken by my friend, is from one of our last cool days that i am kicking myself now for wishing away. this weekend we’ll be doing some yard work and going on a hike in evergreen. what are you up to this weekend?

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  • i’ve got lots of fun ideas for you and your little one over at mom.me
  • there’s a new sponsor on A Denver Home Companion! please welcome Tentiko, a company specializing in amazing experiences, specifically in denver. look out next week for more about them as well as a giveaway!
  • jp and i have our five year wedding anniversary coming up. though we always celebrate it, i don’t think we’ve ever given each other a proper gift. i like the idea of choosing a gift based on the year and what traditional anniversary gift goes with it. this year is wood for us so i plan on snagging some wooden bowl from friend christian, of fecht design, when we’re in nashville in july.
  • married? have children? please consider how you want to die. this is something jp and i are pretty open with each other about (end of life care, health directives, guardians for ramona, what happens to our moola, life insurance, etc) but we need to get our act together and put it down on legal and legit paper.
  • my mother sent me this article on a woman who decided to have an abortion at 23 weeks. her point and different perspective about the importance of abortion rights is most certainly worth reading.

pardon the heavy stuff. life just is that way sometimes!


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  1. conni says:

    Just did all the legal trip for our trip abroad. We did ours through legal zoom.

  2. Hi EmilyHappy almost anniversary! We too are coming up on number 5. I like the idea of going back to tradition-wood it will be. The sun here is no joke, so i always slather the kids. I should probably protect my skin too 🙂 And the legal directives are serious business….especially when it comes to care of children. My husband and I are both lawyers, and we *still* haven’t figured out who we should designate as the care provider for our two boys should something happen to us. All our finances and health care proxies/directives are in order..but we are dragging are feet on the most important one. I’m gonna get to it! Finally, we have 2 parties this weekend (i’m hosting one of them and it’s a surprise!), possibly checking out the cherry blossom festival (i don’t know how big it will be), jazz in city park on Sunday and we will hike St. Mary’s Glacier for my “hiking mondays” series. Thanks for the links and congrats on the new sponsor! Enjoy the weather (we missed the heat wave of last week, but it’s cooled down a bit!).

  3. oh, and ramona is such a cutie! happy day.

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