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some evenings ramona and i just miss jp too much. so we head over to the populist right when it opens. we camp out at the far end of the patio. she sips on milk and me on a martini. we share the bar mix. i love these dates w my little one. and it’s so nice that jp has a job that, though it keeps him busy, allows us to stop by for nice visits.

elsewhere on the interwebs

  • i write about homemade gak, over at mom.me. ramona and i continue to have so much fun w this easy concoction.
  • have you used next door? i just signed up and it’s been incredibly helpful! i also like the idea of being able to get to know some faces in the neighborhood without otherwise having a reason to run into them. makes the community feel smaller, which i think is a good thing.
  • i keep thinking i’m going to do no poo, and then i buy shampoo and conditioner. drea’s post is making me reconsider.
  • look at the smile on this kid! perhaps consider donating so he can get a wheelchair that suits him and his family’s lifestyle better.

One Response to THE WEEK’S LINKS

  1. Alexis says:

    I’m addicted to washing my hair. I can barely go “no poo” for one day on the weekend, love the link though…reminds me that I need to back off, if only for two days at a time.

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