roman eats wasps so we didn’t notice the problem at first. we thought it was funny watching him chase all those pests around the windows, biting at them, jumping back after he got stung and then going in for the final kill.

but walking out on the porch on one of the final days of living with jonathan’s parents we noticed the swarm. otto felt it–hiding in the basement bathroom and repeatedly whipping his head around to his rear to try and fend off whatever creature he thought still lingered there. that sting hurt him for a while.

it was a yellow jacket nest. right outside our basement window in a window well by the back porch door. it was the size of a volleyball and the wasps were as plentiful as, yeah, i’ll say it, the plague.

good thing mary (my mother-in-law) has a cousin who married a bee keeper. and good thing my husband is not allergic to bees.

problem solved. and doesn’t he look sexy.

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