A Denver Home Companion | where's walrus?A Denver Home Companion | where's walrus?

we love the denver library. we are dedicated library-goers. so many books at your fingertips! and denver’s library system (and most library programs in urban centers fro my experience) has great online resources for putting books on hold, keeping track of books-to-be-read, e-books, and calendars for free activities. ramona loves the library bc it has chairs that look like animals and she lugs them around from book bin to book bin. she’s not too interested in the books until we take them home. i usually just grab the nicest looking book on the shelf (who ever said you can’t judge a book by it’s cover?). one of these recent impulse grabs was where’s walrus?

a walrus escapes the zoo during nap time and proceeds to explore the city, blending in with the people he’s around while the zookeeper attempts to catch him. the story’s end is a feel-good one. ramona cannot get enough.

what books are your favorite to read with your little one?