A Denver Home Companion | toiletry tuesday lipstick

never underestimate the power of the perfect lipstick. i keep all of mine in a linen pouch in my purse to choose based on my outfit and/or my mood. and don’t forget that sometimes all you need is some nice lip balm and, in the sun, spf.

they all look the same in my board above but i swear they’re not! 1. nars shanghai express: great for that dark red sultry look. || 2. lipstick queen jean queen: perfect for everyday jeans and t-shirt outfits where you may just want to accentuate your lips without changing their color. || 3. mac ruby woo: the ultimate red. this shade looks good on everyone and is your classic, bright, sexy red (pictured below). || 4. nars heat wave: more funky than the others, this is a bold coral with an orangey tint. fun for late, summer nights. || 5. r.l. linden beauty & co la balmba rosa healing rose balm: i use this as needed moisturizing my kissers and right before i go to bed. || 6. lipstick queen medieval: want that bitten lip look? this shade is actually a sheer gloss that adds a tint of red; it’s all vitamin E and pigment. || 7. sun bum lip balm w spf 30: protects your lips for the rays.

i’m on the hunt for a nice light pink (as you can see i tend to lean toward RED). any suggestions for a muted pink?

A Denver Home Companion | toiletry tuesday lipstick

here i am wearing mac ruby woo. photos by harper point.

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