sunday, family day, we three took a meandering walk to the park, little bean. we had no intentions of stopping for ice cream. but after chasing you around the playground and seeing you try to steal a little boy’s cup of ice cream, it was the perfect end to a family stroll. i chose the avo-nilla ice cream in a sugar cone for you and me to share. pretty sure, once i handed that bad boy over to you, our licks were not even near equal. you gobbled that ice cream up so fast the way your papa does — he’s finished with his bowl before i can even get comfy enough on the couch to reach for my late-night dessert.

i love you, funny face ice cream monster.

love, mama.

(little man ice cream is our favorite ice cream shop in denver — a city where you can eat your ice cream outside at the end of november and be perfectly warm.)