Hello A Denver Home Companion Readers!  My name is Rebecca I’d like to send a big thank you to Emily for having me here today.  I’d also like to congratulate Emily and Jonathan on the opening of their new restaurant – very exciting – well done guys!

This weekend marks the grand kick off to the holiday season and I’ve got gifts on the brain.  My husband John and I call the first of December ‘Game On’ as in, let’s get the celebrating started.  For the month of December we leave little treats around the house in unusual spots for each other.  Picture me opening the refrigerator to find a new scented oil or opening the medicine cabinet to find a chocolate bar.  In preparation for this tradition I put together a gift guide of things I am thinking of gifting John this year.

one :: two :: three :: four :: five :: six

thanks, rebecca! i’m making sure jp reads this bc i’d sure love to find little treats hidden throughout the house 😉 you’ve given me great ideas of things to hide for him.

also, rebecca makes some beautiful jewelry that’s on MY christmas wish list.