a friend loaned us an amazing peacock halloween costume for ramona this year. the photos speak for themselves: she would have nothing to do with it. which is too bad bc we were both going to be peacocks, what with the peacock feather headbands i had DIY’d for the both of us for her pink and gold first birthday (which she also refused to wear).

so we improvised. i went to her wardrobe and picked out the silliest things she owns — a thrifted faux fur stole and a no-sew ribbon and tulle tutu i made. and whaddyaknow? she ended up being a mini edith (either one!) from grey gardens. i think she pulled off the old-crazy-lady look quite well. we wore these get-ups to this past weekend’s highland haunt in lohi denver.

tonight we think we’re trick-or-treating in congress park, a neighborhood i hear has the best candy output in denver. we only think we may go because ramona has been going to bed at 6:00 each night and who knows if she’ll stay awake and happy enough to make the rounds. fine by us. in that case we’ll sit at home and get around to carving our pumpkins and roasting pumpkin seeds.

what are you doing for halloween tonight?