A Denver Home Companion | sunday morning breakfast

sunday is family day. banana pancakes, sausage patties, homestead eggs, french press coffee. baby is sleeping and jp and i are lounging on the couch before we start gearing up for a family bike ride to our new favorite denver playground. what does your lazy sunday involve?

psst. click through to get a sneak peek of my new blog home. i’m over-the-moon at what amanda of the petrichor and the kin collective has done. what do you think?



  1. Kelly says:

    I love lazy Sundays. And your blog looks great.

  2. Marcie says:

    I also love lazy Sundays. . . but today I am kicking and screaming as I’m having to leave the beach.

  3. Your new blog design looks fabulous. Banana Pancakes?! Yum.
    Lazy Sundays are great. Yesterday we managed to combine the perfect amount of lazy with getting a few things done around the house & seeing a few friends.

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