i love my usual foundation but it’s pretty decent coverage and isn’t the speediest thing to put on and is that last thing i want to put on when it’s hot out. in warmer weather, i usually save it for special events or nights out. alas, i still like to have a base for my face and color on my cheeks in my day-to-day wear! what’s a girl to do?

thanks to a really obnoxious ad on hulu, a fashionable friend, a local goodie, and a triedandtrue oldie, i found the perfect make-up combo for this summer. voila!

from left to right:

  • booda butter lip balm (made in colorado and so so delightful)
  • maybelline great lash blackest black mascara (my one and only mascara; used after curling lashes)
  • benefit’s cha cha tint cheek stain (recommended by a friend whose only make-up rule is to look like she isn’t wearing any)
  • smashbox bb cream (suckered into it by an ad on hulu and i don’t regret it one bit)

2 Responses to summer face

  1. After hearing this story (http://www.npr.org/2012/05/16/152818798/breasts-bigger-and-more-vulnerable-to-toxins) on Fresh Air, I’ve been wanting to chuck out all my makeup and start fresh with things that are phthalate/paraben/yucky stuff-free. That’s my favorite mascara in the world too 🙂

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